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thu, may 9, 2024


monday, april 22, 2024

moved to creature.garden.

sunday, april 21, 2024

it's gettin hot. had to bust out the summer fan


friday, april 19, 2024

what a day huh? cool new song here. J and I went to the art museum to see Las Nubes and wander around. saw a Basquiat and a little baby ringneck snake.


monday, april 8, 2024

did you know? miraculous natural phenomena happen every single day


thursday, april 4, 2024

ah man my shit sucks! I'm workin on it

monday, april 1, 2024

looking good comes naturally to him

sunday, march 31st, 2024

new song out on extensionchord.org

saturday, mar 30, 2024

I'm going to start doing a weekly link roundup. Here are this week's
interesting links:

saturday, march 16, 2024

tree and wires I'm currently into

tuesday, march 12, 2024

I have learned against my will that "mulch glue" is a product people make and buy and use. You spray it on your mulch and gravel to hold it in place. This water-based* product is a "styrene acrylic emulsion". It's plastic. You're spraying a plastic shell over your yard so it'll be a little less work. Truly doomed society.

monday, march 11, 2024

Look at this image I found in the wild today: a real live .GIF advertisement here in the year 2024. Just beautiful.

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