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THU AUG 26 2021

A couple hundred cantaloupe sprouts have popped out of the earth in the backyard. A hatchling iguana the perfect size for eating them visited briefly. Its sibling isn't here this time.

WED AUG 25 2021

J came home with a huge-brimmed wicker hat for me. It's perfect. When I sit curled up I can fit my entire body in its shade.

Another August birthday celebrated. I gifted two of the milkweed pots to family.

SAT AUG 21 2021

Finally got around to updating the art gallery. I haven't finished a lot this year. It's probably time to give up on finding my old stylus.

Here's the milkweed sprouts after about a week and a half.

FRI AUG 20 2021

Operation Cantaloupe Cover has begun. Started the sprouting process with about 100 of the remaining seeds from a store bought cantaloupe (waste not, want not). The plan is to overwhelm the iguanas with delicious cantaloupe vines so I can sneak in some pumpkins while they're occupied.

I've got seven seeds from last year's special pumpkin left so I hope this works.

THU AUG 19 2021

all chewed ;w;

WED AUG 18 2021

The iguana came back so I'm down to 2 of 6 pumpkin vines. It completely ignored the small cantaloupe vines I planted this morning to distract it (unsurprisingly).

J is out getting pizza from the place with the intimidating pizza boxes.

It's been hot. I haven't seen Carrot since I saw him trying to cool off on Monday. nvm he's back, the whole crew is here.

TUE AUG 17 2021

I transplanted the pumpkin vines and was swiftly reminded that iguanas love to eat pumpkin leaves. I need to have sacrificial plants (maybe cantaloupes?) in the ground before pumpkins next time.

I think I have seeds for one more batch of pumpkins if these don't make it, but I don't think they'll be ready by Halloween.

There is a curly-tailed lizard named Gordo who hangs out on the front porch and he's super fuckin chill. Today he hung out on the little table next to J while he smoked.

MON AUG 16 2021 x

Scraps is back after going missing for over a week, wow.

Played 0_abyssalSomewhere: it's cool. It's the loudest game I've ever played and very atmospheric, like the memories of an old horror game.

SUN AUG 15 2021 x

I transplanted the native milkweeds (swamp and aquatic) into the ground and used their pots to plant the tropical seedlings in.

Played my first full Sunday D&D sesh since November. Kinda weird ending for meta reasons.

SAT AUG 14 2021 x

Got caught up on housework. Started season 3 of the Crown on the family vidchat. Played the Back 4 Blood beta with J in the afternoon before I ended up taking a nap. At night I went into a sketchbook frenzy while watching J play Naraka Bladepoint and listening to Viktor Vaughn.

Another monarch eclosed and more milkweed is sprouting.

FRI AUG 13 2021 + x

Minor sick day. Naps and a hot shower helped a ton. Small party later. Felt normal again by 9pm.

THU AUG 12 2021 + x

Two more butterflies eclosed. I had to help one with its wings: it was weaker than the others (suspect it was underfed) and fell from its chrysalis and got all twisted up.

I saw a chicken wandering in search of bugs and was finally able to capture it on camera.

Shot number 2 down. Saw a rainbow. Played D&D.

WED AUG 11 2021 + x

Jogged before sunrise. Two more butterflies eclosed. One pupae didn't make it.

Watched ZFG with J after dinner, who decided he wanted to try BotW. Dunno if he had fun but I did.

Scraps was still missing but I fed his B&W stunt-double, hereafter known as "Leftovers".

TUE AUG 10 2021 + x

Found the first adult monarch of the brood while weeding the front yard with the cats.

MON AUG 9 2021 + x

I was wired all night for some reason, so I didn't get much sleep. I stuck to my new goal of getting up at 6 and jogging to start the day. I liked the peace and watching the sky and clouds change colors, and seeing the animals go about their business (spiders packing up for the night and fish crows and Egyptian geese starting their day)

Shadow led me to a rainbow at 7:30ish, and I saw an unfamiliar butterfly that looked like a dead leaf. At night I saw some some huge hairy moth flapping haphazardly in the dark: not sure what it was yet.

Despite being tired I was in good spirits and got a lot done today.

thu, aug 5, 2021

Another doppelgänger of Scraps the stray showed up, but this one had a black and white tuxedo pattern instead of colorpoints like the others. They all have similar white patterns, faces, and builds and seem to be around the same age so I wonder if they're siblings.

wed, aug 4, 2021

Reminder: plant more milkweed

tue, aug 3, 2021

It's raining and the pumpkins are sprouting.

mon, aug 2, 2021

The caterpillars took care of my non-native milkweed problem. Nothin left.

sun, aug 1, 2021

see? there's NUANCE

I started playing TF2 again for the first time since the Other game came out. I never really liked the Other game, but all my friends were done with TF2 after that, so I haven't played any FPS since then. I'm incredibly rusty, but I know that random crits are great.

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