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aug 29 2023

a small statue of an angel surrounded by a wreath of pink roses and small white flowers

happy birthday ***

aug 28 2023

read an article about the loss of an entire colony of
emperor penguin chicks due to disappearing sea ice. 
just awful. 

and I'm feeling like I'm coming down with something.

I never should've stopped being a hermit!

aug 24 2023

leaving the gamagrass seeds on a dish on my desk so I
remember to plant them.

almost eating the gamagrass seeds because they look like
edamame beans. multiple times. 

aug 23 2023

drawings of jackalopes

aug 15 2023

went to a show over the weekend. Julian was playing 
with Rude TV and  it was a good time!

think I'll actually make a real layout for this page 
before summer 2023 is over?

aug 14 2023

small section of a pond covered with aquatic ferns and green and variegated water lily pads with two white and one purple flower. overhead palm fronds are reflected in the water.

the long awaited triple water lily bloom, 
and to make it extra special they all grew 
in right next to each other

aug 1 2023

mastodon update: moved to a.xerimorph.net from  
ringtail chat

jul 23 2023

thunderstorm and cooling off (temporarily) YEH 'u' 

jul 13 2023

Tetris Attack screenshot of yoshi on a world map and below a text box with yoshi saying -if nothing is done, the world will be flooded-

another hot one

jul 12 2023 ___________ carbuncle from Final Fantasy VI: a minty green catlike creature with a red gemstone in its forehead jul 11 2023 ___________ .TLDs are getting very specific these days... jul 10 2023 ___________ first "meta", now "threads", I wish the big corporation would stop co-opting useful words added a new archive page jul 6 2023 ___________ inspired to paint a chambered nautilus (I can't find one) jun 29 2023 ___________ picked up my soap bar drying mat to wash it out and it looked like the Enigma of Amigara Fault for fruit flies under there jun 23 2032 ___________ happy 10th bday Flatty our favorite goblin jun 21 2023 ___________ life philosophy ___________ jun 18 2023 ___________ ../../library/infographics/places_to_move_to.jpg ___________ xerimorph.net / memory / summer 2023