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Upcoming events:
12/7 - Monty's birthday
12/11 - Aurora borealis
12/14 - Heavy meteor shower
1/2 - Aurora borealis
1/3 - Aurora borealis
1/5 - Aurora borealis

Extra DIYs:
(updated Dec 7th, 2021)

Acorn pochette
Beekeeper's hive
Cardboard table
Cosmos shower
Flower stand
Mum cushion
Paw-print doorplate
Peach umbrella
Pear bed
Pear rug
Shell fountain
Shell bed
Shell rug
Ski-slope wall
Tree's bounty little tree
Wooden-block wall clock
Wooden full-length mirror

You can sort your known DIYs alphabetically to compare lists more easily. Free to a good home. Free to a bad home. Just get them out of my shed.

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